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About Fuzzy's Woodworking

Fuzzy's Woodworking started in 2019 as a hobby/side business that has slowly become a full-time job. I started with cutting boards and other small items but over time it progressed to custom furniture pieces and even to building out vans!


So if you have any ideas feel free to send a message and we can get started on your custom piece of functionalable art!

About the builder

My name is Alex Pastran and I've enjoyed building things from a young age. I have been fortunate enough to help make stairs, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and some personal furniture pieces that I made myself.  I also had a custom paddle business for a few years while I was attending the University of Miami that allowed me to hone in my carving skills and creative thinking. While doing that, a friend and I were able to make things like a giant Harry Potter sorting hat, a flag that was half Brazils and half China, a 4-foot long key blade from a video game and my personal favorite was a fully operational pool table that was three feet long. 

With that, it developed into more business and I can not be more excited about it! Over the last year or so I have been able to expand my portifilo to include van buildouts for clients and custom made barn doors. All of it would have not been possible without the continued support in this new venture! Thank you! 

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